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Sekkisei White Washing Foam Facewash

Sekkisei White Washing Foam Facewash

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Introducing the White Washing Foam Face Wash from Sekkisei, one of Japan's most renowned skincare brands!

  • Gently cleanses skin, removing impurities and excess oil.
  • Formulated with Sekkisei's blend for a brighter, radiant complexion.
  • Produces a rich, foaming lather for refreshed skin.
  • Helps diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone, perfect for daily use.

Instructions for Use:
Wet your hands and face, then take about 2cm of the product into your palm. Add water or lukewarm water, lather it carefully, wash your face, and then rinse thoroughly afterward.

Size: 130 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Removes dirt well

I'm a man, and I use it when I wash my face regularly to maintain my pores. It cleans dirt in your pores that cannot be removed with soap. Easily removes dirt stuck to the back of children's ears. I think it is important to choose a face cleanser because the lotion will be absorbed well after washing your face.

Usability is generally good

I like face washes that use Sekkisei powder mixed with water, so I bought this type as well. The usability is generally good. If you use too much at once, you'll end up with a strong smell like old cosmetics, so I only use a small amount.

morning use

The white Sekkisei is more expensive and is used at night, while the blue Sekkisei is used in the morning.

Dense foam with facial cleansing net. Smells like high-quality milk soap

It lathers very well, and if you use a facial cleansing net, you can create very fine and dense foam. It's a bit pricey, but you only need a small amount to cover your entire face, so it's not bad for the price. Like high-quality milk soap... A clean, appealing scent. It's orthodox. The product is moist after washing and is perfect for the name ``Sekkisei''. --This is my first time using it, but I want to try other series as well.

fluffy bubbles

The fluffy foam feels like it removes dirt well, but it doesn't make my skin dry. I feel like my skin tone has become one tone brighter too.